All you need to know about smoking hemp

The popularity of smoking hemp is increasing. People prefer to smoke hemp using tinctures and lotions. This is because the flowers are often raw or have undergone very little processing, unlike tinctures and lotions which have been processed and include additives. Smoking seems to be a simple, pure way to consume cannabis.

The United States allows hemp to be legally possessed and consumed as long as it contains 0.3% THC. This is the psychoactive ingredient that makes you high. Although marijuana is not the same as hemp, it can contain up to 30% THC and is illegal in the United States. The legality of marijuana varies from one state to another.

There Are Many Ways To Smoke Hemp

There are many ways to smoke hemp.

  1. Packaged hemp flower: This raw, unprocessed hemp flower can be broken down by hand, smoked in a bong, or vaporized or rolled in paper or blunts. Uplift CBD offers a range of packaged hemp flowers in 1 and 3.5-gram packets with sleeves of 9.
  2. Hemp cigarettes: Hemp cigarettes come pre-made and are ready for the end-user to consume. Hemp cigarettes come in 20-count boxes, just like traditional cigarettes. Hemp cigarettes come in 20-count boxes. Lifted Made’s Bum A Bud HempCigs are available for purchase by carton or pack.
  3. These are the best pre-rolled hemp joints you can purchase. With a filter, the best parts of the hemp flower buds are carefully rolled into large joints (typically 2-3x larger than hemp cigarettes). Uplift CBD’s pre-rolled hemp joints feature many hemp strains. Our joints come in beautiful sleeves with six joints and are packaged by Uplift CBD.
  4. Moon rocks: These are gorgeous hemp flower buds that have been covered in broad-spectrum distillate and hemp kief. Moon rocks are similar to packaged hemp flowers. They can be broken down and smoked in bongs, vaporized or rolled in paper or blunts. Uplift CBD’s Moon Rocks are made with premium CBD concentrate and high-quality hemp.
  5. Caviar cones: Although caviar cones look similar to hemp joints, they are actually closer to the moon rocks mentioned above. Caviar cones are made from hemp flower, which has been rolled in concentrate and mixed together with hemp kief. They can be rolled into a single joint for convenience. Uplift CBD’s caviar cones are made with 0.8 grams of hemp. They contain a blend of concentrate, flower, and kief.

CBD Is Bioavailable

Bioavailability, or the amount of CBD in your body that circulates in your bloodstream, is a function of the way you consume it. Inhaling hemp flower cigarettes is the best way to increase bioavailability. Cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the lungs before they reach the bloodstream. Once there, they can start circulating throughout the body.

Two methods of taking CBD were tested in a 2007 study. One group smoked CBD while the other took CBD capsules. The CBD-smoking group could detect cannabinoids in their bloodstream 72 hours following inhalation. CBD was only detected in the second group for six hours after ingestion.

Hemp Terpenes

Terpenes are compounds that give essential oils their distinctive smell. You might be familiar with them from their scent. Terpenes can be found in cannabis plants. Terpenes are natural compounds that give cannabis plants a particular smell, taste, or color. Myrcene and limonene are the most common terpenes in cannabis plants. Linalool, humulene, and linalool are also common. When hemp is used for lotions and tinctures, terpenes are usually removed. The terpenes will still be present in hemp if you smoke them.

Tobacco Cigarettes Vs CBD

A 2013 study involved 24 cigarette smokers. 12 received an inhaler with CBD, and 12 received a placebo for a week. The inhaler was to be used when the subject felt the need to smoke. The number of cigarettes smoked by placebo-treated smokers did not change over the course of the treatment week. CBD treatment resulted in a 40% decrease in smoking compared to the past.

This article was written by a CBD Specialist at Uplift CBD. At UpLift CBD we strive to provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction by providing the best quality products.

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