Cannabis And Marijuana: Types And Uses

Did you know that the record of marijuana being first used as a pharmaceutical product can be traced down back to the year 2737 BC? According to our sources, a Chinese Emperor called Shennong mentioned its use in a Medical book that he wrote with the help of his pharmacologist during those times. In the book, he mentioned marijuana as a good cure for various diseases and specified conditions like constipation, gout, and absent-mindedness that could be easily treated with it.

Apart from being just a recreational drug, many people are being used by many people for medical reasons. Not just marijuana but also Cannabis, a plant of its relative family, has almost the same uses and benefits. Up to a large extent, they both can be used for both Medical and recreational purposes.

Where to find good quality medical and recreational Cannabis?

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Types of products available:

Cannabis flower and strains

Even though different varieties and forms of Cannabis are now available in the market, most people and smokers still prefer using the traditional plant. The strains are prepared using the best extraction methods and techniques that have a great Aroma and odor and contain sufficiently high levels of cannabinoid content.

Some of the most popular Cannabis strains are:

  • Indica Strains
  • Sativa Strains
  • Hybrid Strains


Concentrates are nothing but cannabis extracts that contain a high concentration of that drug. The main reason why people use concentrates is the high level of THC that they contain. Extract concentrates contain great flavors and provide a different kind of thrill and high to the person using it.

Some examples of concentrate forms of Cannabis are mentioned below.

  • Oil
  • Wax
  • Shatter
  • Budder
  • Cartridges

The vape pen, however, is the most commonly used packaged form of Cannabis concentrate.


Lastly, the people who don’t want to think about themselves as typical “smokers” but still want to enjoy Cannabis and related drugs, then using its edible form is the best option. This is because edibles are easy to consume orally, and you can be sure that your lungs would not be harmed in any way in this process.

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