Complete guide on permanent makeup training Boca Raton

Whether you’re examining a career transition or desire to increase your current details with permanent makeup training Boca Raton, our academy in Boca Raton, FL offered exceptional activity for all talent sets.

Novice Training

For those that are launching into the area for the first time, we have two additional opportunities to pick from:

  • A comprehensive newbies course for permanent makeup (PMU Boca Raton) which has 150 hours of training
  • Specific classes include Microblading, Eyebrow Shading, Lip Liner & Full Lips, Eyeliner & Eyeland Enhancement, and more additional.

Progressive Training

  • Are you already in the peach industry and examining to develop your skills, create your resume, and improve your returns possible? Are you a licensed esthetician or in the skincare enterprise and desire to earn more money-earning possibility? Wake Up To Makeup offers Progressive exercises for people that are now in the Permanent Makeup (PMU Boca Raton) field who like to add to their talent set.

Online Training

If you’re examining for online permanent makeup training (PMU Boca Raton), look no additional! We now deliver online knowledge for users anywhere in America! Learn from our professionals from the convenience of your house.

What’s Contained in Our Permanent Makeup Courses (PMU Boca Raton) can deliver the exercise you require to begin or grow your career, earn more additional, show your customers more, and perfect your talents.

Our training schedule is what puts our Academy apart from the rest! Don’t take our word for it; reach us to other Permanent Makeup programs in South Florida (PMU Boca Raton)

You cannot get this when accepting online classes.

Recognize the most critical part of the exercise is working on somebody.

  • All-Inclusive Permanent Makeup (PMU Boca Raton) Intensive Training with an apprenticeship program contained.
  • Our training program is included in ALL of our classes.
  • Must give your written and clinical trials to obtain your certificate.
  • You can contact us via email at
  • The maximum course size is only 2 pupils; this will provide you receive one-on-one engagement.
  • Each learner will have 2-3 live examples per course including their follow-up 4 weeks later. (Note: during the training, you will perform now with customers and observe the professor.)
  • All model operations are overseen by an educator. No pupil will be left alone.
  • If you are arriving in from out of town, We have resorts unrestricted within a 2-mile radius.

Course Goals

  • Know sanitation, sterilization, and OSHA and CDC criteria/Policies
  • Learn skin anatomy
  • Comprehend bloodborne pathogens
  • Comprehend colour view
  • Understand permanent makeup (PMU Boca Raton) application procedures
  • Master traditional and new needle designs
  • Perform operations on live models
  • Learn basic trade systems
  • Understanding Florida’s State Regulations on Permanent Makeup (PMU Boca Raton) 

Curriculum Outline

When you register in our permanent makeup school, you will know the latest methods and techniques to give you the spirit and knowledge to grow.

  • Eyebrow shading concentrates on the shading process, which results in a quiet, yet very beautiful, brow.
  • Eyeliner and Liner for Lash Enhancement Remember to make eyeliner that will provide your customer with a younger formation.
  • Lip liner and Full Lip Color Discover the appropriate strategies for a soft, honest, and more limited lip line or full lip.
  • Intro to Permanent Make-Up (PMU Boca Raton)

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