Different Ways To Treat Pain In Your Shoulder

When you are suffering from a sore shoulder, it can be frustrating and significantly impact your life, making simple tasks much harder. It is not always possible to see a doctor immediately when suffering from pain in your shoulder, but there are treatments you can do at home that may help. Below are some shoulder pain treatments you can use at home to help you get more mobile again and reduce the pain and discomfort it causes you.

Try Some Stretches

Although it may be uncomfortable for you, you will want to do some stretches and other exercises to help you with the pain you are suffering in your shoulder. You can click here to see some of the stretches and exercises you can do to help you relieve the pain in your shoulder. However, if the pain gets worse, stop doing them and seek advice from a doctor.

Try Using A Cold Compress

You may also want to try using a cold compress to help with your shoulder pain, and this can also help reduce any swelling in the muscles and tendons. You will want to apply an icepack to the affected area, but you can also use a bag of frozen vegetables which will do the same thing. Keep the cold compress in place for 20 minutes and repeat this up to five times a day.

Try A Compression Bandage

You can also try using a compression bandage on your shoulder to help reduce any swelling, and there are a couple of options available. You can use a cold compression bandage or an ACE bandage which is just as effective. Wrap the should tightly but not too tight to cut off circulation and loosen it if your arm or shoulder starts to become numb.

Use Heat On Your Shoulder

Another method to help with shoulder pain is using heat, and you can use a heated gel pack, heating pad, or hot water bottle. Apply the heat to your shoulder for 20 minutes or so, and once you take it off, do some light stretches and check the movement of your shoulder.

Take Medication

If you have already seen a doctor, there is an excellent chance that they have prescribed you medication that you can use to help relieve the pain and stiffness in your shoulder. You can use muscle relaxants to help ease the stiffness, and you can also consider using pain medication, although you need to be careful with potential side effects.

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