Health benefits attributed to alkaline water ionizer

With a plethora of health benefits attributed to alkaline water, why is it so controversial? After all, many people swear by the benefits of alkaline water and the health benefits that come with alkaline water ionizer water filters. Unfortunately, abundant research is very limited on this front, and many sources simply throw out unsubstantiated propaganda in an attempt to sell alkaline water purifier systems instead of providing evidence-based health advice to consumers. However, one thing that we can be sure of is that ionized water benefits do exist, especially when alkaline water Singapore ionizer systems are used.

First of all, an ionization process known as the ionizing step removes the acid from the water before it ever reaches the ionic medium (ionized cavities) of the electronic membrane in which the impurities are mixed. The result is pure water – alkaline water ionized with a positive electrical charge, and the same alkaline ionized water that existed before the impurities were mixed have become ionized. Now we have two types of water. The first type of water has become ionized with a negative charge and the second type of water has become ionized with a positive charge. And since both kinds of water have health benefits, we would expect the second kind to have more benefits than the first one… right?

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