How Do NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination Work Together?

While playing distinct functions, NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination are services that collaborate to assist people in implementing their NDIS plans.

You can manage the financial parts of your NDIS plan with the aid of plan management. Your plan manager can give you information and guidance on how to identify the best supports for you, but they won’t organise them for you. You, the participant, your plan candidate, or a Support Coordinator, if appropriate and required, will be responsible for coordinating support.

In this article, we compare these two services, address your enquiries, and offer suggestions for maximising your use of both.

What Exactly Is NDIS Plan Management?

Your NDIS-funded bookkeeping service is Plan Management. Your Plan Manager will handle all of your financial statements, pay your service provider for the assistance you purchase, and assist you in keeping track of your cash. As a small supplier, Plan Management strives to offer each client individualised and qualified support.

How Can a Plan Manager Assist You?

By collaborating closely with you and your support team, your plan manager will help you exert choice and authority over your plan.

The duties of your Plan Manager include the following:

  • Claims processing on the NDIS portal
  • Making reservations for plan-managed services via the NDIS portal
  • Settling provider bills
  • Monitoring your spending in comparison to your plan-managed budgets
  • Taking care of your reimbursement requests
  • Securing and keeping up with your financial records

Their top goal is to ensure that your providers get paid on time and that any problems with payments are dealt with as soon as possible.

How Does Support Coordination Work?

It locates and connects you with a variety of service providers who are the ideal fit for your needs, assisting you in putting your plan into action. With the help of this service, you can develop the abilities you need to comprehend, carry out, and utilise your strategy. A support coordinator will make sure that a variety of supports are used to improve your ability to manage your support team, maintain connections, live more independently, and participate in your community.

What Assistance Can a Support Coordinator Offer You?

It will assist you in finding the right providers while also assisting you in understanding the plan you have been provided and what it may be utilised for. They want to make sure you are making the most of your funded services and assisting you in “optimising” your plan.

They will also help you bargain with service providers about the kind of services they offer, the number of services they will deliver, and the price.

What Distinguished NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination?

You can include one of three levels of assistance coordination in your plan:

Support Coordination

This support will help you develop the abilities required to comprehend, carry out, and utilise your plan. With your help, a support coordinator will make sure that a variety of supports are used to improve your ability to handle service delivery responsibilities, maintain relationships, live more independently, and participate in your community.

Support Connection

With this support, you will be better able to connect with informal, community, and financed services, maximising the effectiveness of your plan and advancing your objectives.

Specialist Support Coordination

This is a more advanced level of coordination for support. It is designed for those whose situations are more complex and who need specialised support. A specialised support coordinator will provide assistance for you in handling challenges in your support environment and preserving consistent service delivery.

What to Do if There Is a Problem Paying a Support Provider?

Contact your plan manager if you have questions regarding an invoiced sum for a service or provider. To remedy the problem, they will then get in touch with the supplier and your support coordinator. If you require assistance, your Plan Manager will arrange reimbursement for any money you paid in advance.

Additionally, you should speak with your Support Coordinator if you want to switch service providers for a particular support that you are receiving. Together, you might look for a different service provider who will better meet your requirements.

How Is Support Coordination and Plan Management Funded by the NDIS?

Both Support Coordination and Plan Management may receive full NDIS funding. You only need to request it during your planning meeting in order to have financing for NDIS Plan Management included in your plan; there are no prerequisites. Nevertheless, Support Coordination is not available to everyone. The NDIS evaluates each individual case and will only offer financial assistance if you don’t already have a loose group of family and friends who could handle some of the duties a support coordinator handles.

You can obtain funding for both in a single NDIS plan since Support Coordination and Plan Management address quite different requirements and are thus paid under two different categories.

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