Is a Stairlift the Right Solution for You?

The decision to install a stairlift quite often comes at the end of a long period of consideration. There are many misconceptions and wrong assumptions about stairlifts that make people hesitate to consider them seriously. Most people who have stairlifts installed regret having waited so long to make the decision. Here are a couple of misconceptions

  • My Stairs are Too Unusual: Stairlifts are made of components that are designed to accommodate many shapes. If your stairs go around corners or have more than one rise. That is usually not a problem. Stairlifts fold out of the way for convenience and are made to be used in narrow stairwells. The answer to whether or not a lift will fit in your home is a simple as contacting stairlift hire in Stratford-Upon-Avon and ask to speak to a representative.
  • A Stairlift will Reduce the Value of My House: Stairlifts do not need to be permanently installed. They are removable, and the remaining holes are easily patched to return the home to its original look. What’s more, a stairlift can be a selling feature. With a growing elderly population, a house with a lift installed would add value instead of taking it away. And potential buyers can be given the option to have it removed if they prefer.

Unfortunately, many people wait too long to install this feature in their home. Even though it would benefit them several times a day. But this does not need to happen. The internet is full of information about stairlifts. They have been used for decades now and are still growing in popularity.

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