The Standard Of Medical Care In Thailand

There are millions of visitors to Thailand every year, and there are often cases when tourists get injured or develop a medical condition and need to seek urgent treatment. If this should happen to you, if you have health insurance, there is nothing to worry about as the standard of medical care in Thailand has improved immensely over the last twenty years or so. Below is more information to help keep your mind at ease if you intend to travel to Thailand and are worried about it because of medical reasons.

Hospitals With The Latest Equipment & Technology

New hospitals are being built every year across Thailand, and these new hospitals often boast state-of-the-art facilities. They embrace new technologies and techniques to diagnose and treat various conditions, so you know you are in safe hands. If you have to stay in a hospital as you need heart surgery in Thailand or for another medical condition, you will find the rooms highly comfortable, and the lobbies of some of the hospitals are more like ones for a 5-star hotel.

A Myriad Of Languages Are Spoken

Other than Thai, the primary language spoken in Thailand is English, but if you struggle with both these languages, the best hospitals will have staff members who speak various languages. You will find languages spoken at the more prominent private hospitals that include:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Malay
  • Arabic
  • Russian

No matter what language you speak, any hospital you attend will be able to communicate effectively. If they have no members of staff that speak your native language, they will often find an interpreter that can assist with communications and help keep you at ease.

Paying For It Yourself

If you make the mistake of travelling to Thailand without health insurance and you find yourself admitted to a hospital, you will need to pay for your healthcare yourself. It is worth noting that even private health treatments in Thailand are much more affordable than in Western countries. No matter what tests or treatments you need, the price will be much less than in your home country, which may still be expensive, but that is the risk you run when travelling abroad without health insurance.

When travelling to Thailand for a holiday, there is no need to worry about the medical care standards as they are relatively high. However, it is worth ensuring you have sufficient medical insurance before travelling and read your policy carefully. Thailand has had many visitors needing medical treatment that had no insurance and could not afford to pay for it themselves, so they had to set up Go Fund Me pages. Consequently, Thailand is considering making medical insurance compulsory for visitors.

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