The Top Reasons to Take Iron Supplements

Iron is a mineral that is important for the production of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in red blood cells. Iron deficiencies can lead to anemia and fatigue. There are many reasons why you may need iron supplements singapore, but here are the top few:

  1. The first reason to take iron supplements is if you are pregnant. A pregnant woman needs 30 mg of iron per day, and the recommended dosage for an adult who is not pregnant is 18 mg per day.
  1. Pregnant women are at risk for anemia because the baby takes up a lot of the mother’s blood supply, leaving less for her own body. Iron supplements can help prevent this from happening.
  1. Another reason to take iron supplements is if you have heavy periods. Women who have heavy periods often don’t get enough iron in their diet, and they may need to take supplemental iron to make up for it.

Other Points:

– Iron deficiency can also lead to poor cognitive function and problems with learning ability. If you are having trouble concentrating in school or at work, you may need to look into taking an iron supplement.

– Lastly, some diets make it difficult for people to naturally get enough iron in their diet. For example, if you are a vegan or vegetarian and don’t eat meat products, you’re at high risk of becoming deficient in vitamin A and zinc.

To help prevent this from occurring, many people choose to take an iron supplement.

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