Things To Know About Cannabis Concentrates!

Medical marijuana is now legal in most states in the US. Recommended for varied conditions, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, chronic muscle spasms, and Parkinson’s disease, cannabis can be consumed in varied ways. Many patients are interested in cannabis concentrates and THC products, which are now being sold in many state-licensed dispensaries. What exactly is a cannabis concentrate? Should you try this category of products? In this post, we are sharing some of the basic aspects.

What is a cannabis concentrate?

Just like the name suggests, cannabis concentrates contain a concentrated level of desired cannabinoids, particularly THC. The potency of a concentrate is typically determined by the THC content. For instance, a standard strain of cannabis may contain 20% THC in the bud, but cannabis concentrates can contain as much as 80% THC. There are varied categories of concentrates too, such as shatter, budder, wax, and live resin. Some like live resin are also known for their terpene profiles, which adds aroma and flavor.

Should you try cannabis concentrates?

For many patients, smoking and vaping may not be the healthiest options, while others may need more intensive therapy with cannabis. In both cases, cannabis concentrates fit in. Concentrates are high on potency, so even a little goes a long way. If you think you want to try a concentrate, we would recommend that you talk to your doctor first, discuss your health and take a call. At a dispensary, let the budtender know that you are trying cannabis for the first time, and they should be able to guide on the products.

Other things that matter

Before you try concentrates, keep in mind that THC content is high, and effects set in almost immediately. If you add to edibles, cannabis concentrates may take longer to work, but you still need very little. In general, most products in this category are expensive, and the type of extraction process, solvent, and quality determine the price you pay. Always go easy with the dosage and figure out if a particular type of product works for you. Also, get your cannabis concentrates from a dispensary or delivery service that you can trust.

Final word

There is no denying that the experience of cannabis concentrates is on the next level, but new users have to be careful. You need to get a dab rig to use the product efficiently, unless you want to consume through edibles or sublingually.

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