Things you did not expect on the testosterone treatment 

It would be quite remiss not to disclose some of the things that you are likely to experience while on trtnation that majority of men aren’t expecting. Exogenous testosterone is a drug and thus, can easily produce side effects like any other drug.

When starting to take the exogenous testosterone, there are chances that your body will decrease the natural production of testosterone. It is because of the negative feedback look that the pituitary gland works in regulating testosterone production.

In healthy individuals, the pituitary gland is going to produce the luteinizing hormone – the LH and signal the testes in producing the testosterone in keeping the levels in an adequate range. The negative feedback of the pituitary look is similar to the shutdown mechanism of the internal production of the testosterone pathway, as you are getting all the testosterone that you need via a supplemental – exogenous source.

Naturally, your body will not require to produce testosterone as it is being fed well with the hormone. The side effect of this is that your testicles might shrink in size because less LH gets produced making the testosterone synthesis in the testes go down. You might as well experience a reduction in the sperm counts, which can as well be an issue if you get to try having children.

There are workarounds of the issues like the protocol which is simultaneously used of the HCG – human chronic gonadotropin, which is an analog of the LH which the pituitary gland does produce along with the TRT.

The HCG is made in the females through the placenta during the pregnancy period. It is normally utilized as an off-label as an aid in weight loss but at the same time, documented benefits for having to enhance testicles size and fertility by having to promote the production of testosterone from the testes, the same as the way the LH would work normally.

The TRT take-home points

The TRT is a large decision in the life of any man. Testosterone is the androgen that is more potent than the body produces, and it is the one that controls your masculinity in each sense of the word.

From the evolutionary perspective, most men require higher testosterone in giving them that drive of alpha males for protecting and hunting for the family. In the current culture, men that have higher testosterone have been shown to live for a longer period, having more vitality and exuding more confidence.

Naturally, to have low testosterone is something that has to be taken seriously as you lack the very substance which makes you a man. The TRT is a protocol that is life-changing for most males and the research which backs its benefits remains unambiguous.

This is a guide that should give you a better understanding of what you need to expect on TRT and the way you can go about starting the whole process of restoring your testosterone level to a range that is quite healthy. Ensure to keep your eyes online for various posts addressing all the questions that you should be having as well as concerns related to male wellness and health.

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