Three Delicious Vitamins Supplement To Take During Pregnancy

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Pregnant women need vitamin supplements from zma during pregnancy for certain health purposes. Fruit vitamins made with the right ingredients are a great natural choice to fight common problems during pregnancy such as cramps, poor circulation in the legs, and anemia.

These recipes are recommended for pregnancy because they help increase the amount of magnesium, vitamin C, and iron, which are essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy, thus preventing the appearance of cramps, anemia and improving blood circulation.

  1. Banana Vitamin To Prevent Cramps

With this vitamin, it is possible to have all the amount of magnesium needed for a day during pregnancy, thus avoiding the appearance of cramps.

Ingredients: 57 g of ground pumpkin seeds + 1 cup of milk + 1 banana

Preparation: Blend everything in a blender and drink right away.

This vitamin has 531 calories and 370 mg magnesium and can be taken as a morning or afternoon snack. Other magnesium-rich foods besides pumpkin seeds can be almonds, Brazil nuts, or sunflower seeds. See other examples of foods rich in magnesium.

  1. Strawberry Vitamin To Improve Circulation

This vitamin is rich in vitamin C, which is needed to improve blood circulation.

Ingredients: 1 cup of natural yogurt + 1 cup of strawberries + 1 kiwi

Preparation: Blend everything in a blender and drink afterward.

Other foods rich in vitamin C, such as orange, lemon, acerola, or papaya, can also be used to vary the taste of this vitamin. See other examples of foods rich in vitamin C.

  1. Acerola Vitamin To Fight Anemia

This vitamin is also rich in vitamin C and iron which are essential to fight anemia.

Ingredients: 2 glasses of acerola + 1 natural or strawberry yogurt + 1 orange juice + 1 handful of parsley

Preparation: Blend everything in a blender and drink afterward.

Despite containing a good dose of iron, foods richer in iron mainly have animal origins, such as pork, veal, or lamb ribs, and should be consumed in main meals, such as lunch and dinner. Check out other examples of Foods Rich in Iron.

To combat anemia, poor circulation, and cramps, the doctor can prescribe medication, so if you are already taking medication such as magnesium or iron, talk to your doctor to see if you can take these vitamins daily or at least twice a week supplement the treatment naturally.

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