Topicals in Alternative Medicine in Trinidad and Tobago

Can you be arrested for cannabis? If you are arrested or suspected of unlawful sale or consumption of cannabis, then you may be in for a rough time. Many countries across the globe have laws against the possession and cultivation of cannabis. In Canada, cannabis is only legal for personal use, but the use by minors is still illegal, as it has been traditionally viewed as a dangerous drug. In Washington DC, an ounce of cannabis is the equivalent to six grams of cocaine or heroin, depending on weight.

In Trinidad and Tobago, marijuana is still illegal, although some municipalities have voted to legalize it. Canadian authorities have not yet adopted similar legislation and the government in the Caribbean country does not seem too keen on fully legalizing cannabis. In some municipalities, police raids on cannabis plantations have resulted in the raids being overturned by court rulings. The main argument against legalization is that it will cause more people to resort to criminal activities to get their hands on it.

Recreational marijuana in Trinidad is still sold through the streets and police officers are regularly called in to tackle street vendors. It is possible to buy cannabis in many stores, especially in the rural areas, but there is still no lawful way of accessing it from Canada. This means that visitors and tourists to the Caribbean nation may be subjected to arrest and prosecution for the possession of small amounts of cannabis. On a more positive note, marijuana users and sellers are rarely prosecuted under Trinidad and Tobago law, unlike many other jurisdictions. While marijuana is not an available legal alternative to cocaine, it is widely used by users and should be treated accordingly.

Apart from cannabis, sellers also sell edibles such as cookies and brownies. Like cannabis, extracts from the plant are also sold and some are highly potent. An example of edibles is “Sour Cookies”, which can help to reduce the craving for sweets following a meal. Other concentrates in Trinidad and Tobago include “Mango Concentrate”, “Crown Cloud” and “Hollywood Cloud”.

Some users prefer to smoke pipes or grind their own marijuana concentrates in order to avoid detection by police. While public smoking of cannabis concentrates is illegal in most countries, private consumption is tolerated in certain social situations. For example, some clubbers like to inhale the steam from a cannabis concentrate while dancing. A number of private establishments in Trinidad and Tobago allow customers to consume cannabis in private without fear of arrest. For example, a popular nightclub in the coastal town of Cap-olas allows patrons to smoke up in the club’s private smokers at their own pace.

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