Trim Run: A Cannabis Concentrate

After Cannabis has become legalized to be purchased and consumed in most countries by people of age at least 19 years above, there has been an increasing demand for its concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are popular among people because of the higher THC percentage in them, which adds potency to CBD or Cannabinoid products. The concentrates of Cannabis can be produced either using a solvent or a solvent less-based extraction method. You will come to know about different types of Cannabis concentrates including trim run, further below.

Types Of Cannabis Concentrates

Different types of cannabis concentrates are based on three factors

  • The plant’s part that has been used- For a few of the concentrates’ preparation, the buds of the cannabis plant are required, while for others, the complete plant can be used in the preparation of a concentrate.
  • Extraction method has been used- Either a solvent-based extraction method can be used using solvents like butane, ethanol, or concentrates can be produced by applying pressure on the cannabis plant.
  • Concentrates’ consistency- The concentrates can be either in liquid form or in solid form. Depending on their state, they can be classified as resin, shatter, etc.

A few of the concentrates types are

  • Trim run- These types of concentrates are produced by trimming different parts of the cannabis plant. The stem, tiny nugs, leaves, etc., which are considered as the waste parts of the cannabis plant, are used to produce this concentrate. The trim run concentrates can be in wax form, a solid form, or a liquid form while been produced from the trimming of the cannabis plant. The advantage of using trim run over other concentrates’ types is less, yet it does contain a few of the important cannabinoids. Since it smells less, thus it can be easily recognized amongst all the concentrate types. If you want to experience a pepper flavor in your concentrates types, you can buy it, and it is also one of the least expensive Cannabis concentrates available in the market.
  • Nug run- This type of concentrate is also prepared from specific parts of the cannabis plant as trim run concentrates. The nugs of the cannabis plant are used in its production. This concentrate type tastes much better than trim run yet is comparatively expensive to trim run concentrates.
  • Shatter- It is produced using solvent-based extractions using propane and butane hash oils and tastes like caramel candy.

Thus, you can purchase any of the above-mentioned Cannabis concentrates depending on their flavor and cost.

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